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Outdoor living fabulously beyond the walls of your home circumvent around dining and entertaining outdoors. First and foremost whether you intend to gather intimately with friends and family or host larger catered parties, Comfort is the reality for outdoor living to entertain endlessly. Party goers and guests sharing in food preparation is nominally new with outdoor dining. It is a new fun and exciting trend of outdoor bonding. It seems the more dramatic the outdoor space is, the more exciting it feels to be outside helping one another. This is a great way to bond and extend the life of the party. Whats better than having helping hands prep and contribute open heartedly to set off the party. It is entirely a new twist in entertaining outdoors revitalizing the oldest mainstay in which food is served and gratitude prepared like a meal on a plate. The outdoor kitchen becomes the social hub and really attracts guests to open up and enjoy themselves no matter what time they arrive to the party. A luxury outdoor kitchen redefines outdoor dining and entertaining to a quality level that it would seem professionally set up and managed.
The traditional catered white tent party is losing ground to a completely equipped and designed outdoor living space that hosts these events on a regular basis. The outdoor living space has distinctive design features to benefit caterers, food delivery, party preparation and open space celebration. With outdoor dining and entertaining happening on a regular basis, the outdoor space is designed differently than the family outdoor kitchen.  Convenience, comfort and technology play a major role in designing outdoor living spaces to Entertain outdoors fabulously. It is the culmination of the Outdoor Kitchen and the outdoor space that makes entertaining beyond the walls of your home outdoors fabulous.
The ambience of the house and the landscape of the backyard space elevates emotion ten fold when it comes to entertaining outdoors. The poolside setting, ocean view and mountain air most certainly make the entire gala an unforgettable event. Secondly comes the execution of food prep, presentation and service. Lastly the celebration. A great way to host the party is to be centrally organized and well equipped outdoors thus eliminating the intrusion of the homeowner’s own personal space indoors in their own kitchen. A well designed outdoor kitchen can host quite the party and function within its own space. It makes for a better evening of entertaining outdoors when you don't have to retrieve everything in need. You know your outdoor space is well suited to entertain fabulously when the hired help of the caterers comment and praise you on your outdoor entertaining space. Illuminating the outdoor space and creating the “wow factor”of the party with strategic night lighting is a must. Audio sound and video is amongst the favored for entertaining outdoors. And of course there is dessert and coffee. For a majority of guests looking to liven up their spirits, the attentiveness of bar and beverage nearby the guests seems to elevate the mood. All this should be taken into account when designing and building outdoor spaces for entertaining outdoors fabulously. Embellishing and equipping your outdoor space to entertain fabulously is best suited when designed by a professional.
Overwhelmed by the task at hand? Consider modular outdoor Kitchen islands such as THE HAMPTONSFABULOUS.com Outdoor Kitchen collection. Second option would be to have a professionally built luxury outdoor kitchen. Need help deciding what is best for your outdoor kitchen intent? Contact us at 1-855-GET OUTDOORS.


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