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The pool house is redefined in such a manner to celebrate a greater quality of life with friends and family.

In todays trending desire to spend more time outdoors, the pool house is well on its way to be redefined in such a manner to celebrate a greater quality of life with friends and family. Outdoor living and the anchoring pool house is such a great space to reinvent the happenings of family outdoors. Its a place to introduce an outdoor kitchen, tv viewing and even billiards.

The pool house for many became a safe haven for storage. Most recently the pool house and its surrounding lifestyle can attract and entertain everyone endlessly for hours.

Outdoor living fabulously designer reaches out well beyond the pool to create this outdoor living space .

Pool houses even small in nature can attract family and friends simply by introducing outdoor fire features. Outdoor fireplaces single or two sided and open to the elements is always mesmerizing. The snap crackle pop of the outdoor fireplace creates warmth and extends time outdoors. The proximity of a fire pit nearby to the pool house would also bring a lifestyle to the younger family members to go outside. Properly equipped, organized and designed to entertain, the pool house can again be the greatest element in Outdoor living fabulously.

The difference between outdoor living and living outdoors "fabulously" is by Design. .

The introduction of Pool houses in a pre built manner made it easier for getting the pool house in place. But many came empty and dull in mind for entertaining. Unless you customized the space it seemed to remain unfinished. For those of you in that position. Reach out to an outdoor living designer or outdoor kitchen design builder with experience in redefining a personalized lifestyle within that space. With an empty pool house in place you are more than half way there creating the best outdoor living space outside the house.

The Pool house opens and invites many design themes to consider. Fun with friends, culinary delight or luxury man caves.

Sure the pool house looks well in appearance. It also can serve well in lifestyle as well. Our design ideas for outdoor living fabulously re connects the family outdoors. How would a fun with friends themed pool house work for your family? First hand it would be a great place for anchoring teens and their friends to stay at home but be far enough away to let them interact as the teens they are. Introducing games such as a pool table, xbox screen etc. would make outdoor living fabulous for teens. Of course they will be hungry so an outdoor kitchen fully equipped would keep all their needs outdoors in the pool house. Food, music, movies and games would be a great re design of the pool house. Still need room for storage? Split the area up or redesign the area to do what it always has been doing. With a new inspiration in mind and organization in place, it most certainly will fit both lifestyles. Still not convinced? add a slant roof or pavilion type roof off to one side of the pool house. Better yet extend the front out towards the pool a bit and design an indoor outdoor pool house lifestyle.

BEST of Houzz 2016 recipient

Culinary introductions available to house and home outdoors have now run the gamut from Pizza ovens, gaucho grills, Evo Grills, power burners, dessert chillers and more. More Manufacturers than ever are in on the outdoor living movement. It is great in the essence that Outdoor culinary menu selection from breakfast through dinner can be had outdoors. A great addition to the indoor kitchen for many reasons. First at hand it keeps people out of the indoor kitchen and designated to the outdoor kitchen. Secondly it expands the venue of the household to entertain with a secondary outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen will be first of choice especially when the weather invites you outside. The pool house is a great place to hang out and have some fun.

Pool house man caves? Yes, it is all about entertaining and celebrating a successful lifestyle and share it with friends outdoors. Well outdoors is not so bad when your pool house is equipped with the best life has to offer. In todays market of big screens, surround sound and automation, its no wonder playing cards outdoors in the pool house is really awesome. With the proper design for outdoor living fabulously one can create the perfect wine tasting, card playing, golf simulating and movie watching room ever.

Your pool house need a makeover? In today's intro to stone veneer and stucco. A great outdoor makeover of the front of the pool house does wonders. Add an outdoor shower and spa just off to one side of the pool house. partition the back area off for storage and bath. Bring forward a vaulted wood paneled ceiling with cool lights and a golf simulator screen. These elements make the pool house Lifestyle fabulous.

Not feeling fabulous about your outdoor living space? Reconsider your design. Call 1-855-Get Outdoors to get started today.

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