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Outdoor living looks best when all the elements of the landscape supports the lifestyle intent created. Such things that come into play first and foremost are the patio, courtyard and pool deck. Then we will note the walls, trees and fencing.
These are instrumental elements that contribute to the landscape and outdoor living scape.
It is within this space that additional trends evolve and more textures and colors come into play to build them. Contrary to what most people often do, it is best to pick out patio colors and textures last after the size, shape and intent of use of the space are decided upon.
Secondly, one would consider the surrounding back drop to the patio space, back yard space,  and property line to support that space. These elements can attract, disguise, divide, protect and build privacy. It is amongst these elements that outdoor living begins to look fabulous.
Furthermore, one thing to keep in mind is to be creative and learn about suitable options for the climate in which you live. Both plant materials and hardscapes have limitations due to the characteristics of these regions. It is way to often that traditional bricks and bluestone have been used and as elegant as they both appear in the landscape, it derives a time stamp of the era in which the project was built. The once built patio that was designed to look at and sit in has now exploded into a plethora of trendy desires to live in, cook in and celebrate life in. This is where landscape design and outdoor living design begin to merge and cross tracks.
A good rule of interest is to create value centers amongst the patio such as fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens enabling friends and family to gather around and celebrate life’s special moments. Elevation changes in the patio surfaces add interest and elegance to an ordinarily flat space. Within these rises and meandering spaces one could anchor the areas with fire features, entertaining and outdoor dining space.
One should note that the elevation changes makes for segregation of outdoor space or more commonly known as outdoor rooms. Its within these outdoor rooms that one can texturized with combinations of hardscapes that work well with one another. Walls, columns, fencing and plants are great ways in which to define and embellish the outdoor space.
Lets look briefly at the landscape which is consisted of plants, trees, shrubs, fencing and hardscapes. It is these components and more which contribute to the look of the landscape design.  A good cohesive design utilizing just the right combination of these elements makes for Outdoor Living to "LOOK FABULOUS".


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